Lesson 4

New words in this lesson:

  • kam - yes/no question particle
  • si - yes
  • no - no, not, do not, don't, does not, doesn't
  • aham - understand(s)
  • suki - like(s)
  • lubi - love(s)
  • wole - want(s)
  • na - to (infinitive marker)
  • oko - see(s), look(s), watch(es)
  • ore - hear(s), listen(s) to
  • glu - drink(s)
  • filme - film, movie
  • musika - music
  • sui - water
  • kafe - coffee
  • cay - tea
  • jus - juice



The word kam is used to turn a statement into a yes/no question. It is used at the beginning of the question. The following example shows a statement and a question.

  • Nini oko filme.
    The boy is watching a movie.
  • Kam nini oko filme?
    Is the boy watching a movie?


The word no precedes the word being negated, such as the verb.

  • Myaw no glu cay.
    Cats don't drink tea.

The infinitive

The infinitive verb form is marked using the particle na followed by the verb. It is always used between any two verbs.

  • Kam yu suki na oko filme?
    Do you like to watch movies?

Invariable Pronoun Form

Pronouns retain the same form regardless of the function they play in a sentence. In English, I/me, she/her, and he/him are pronouns that change form. In Globasa, mi means both I or me.

  • Mi lubi yu.
    I love you.
  • Yu lubi mi.
    You love me.

Example Sentences

Kam patre suki na yam salada?
Does the father like to eat salad?

Si, patre suki na yam salada.
Yes, the father likes to eat salad.

No, patre no suki na yam salada.
No, the father doesn't like to eat salad.

Reading Practice

Xanti, doste. Kafe, fe lutuf! Xukra, doste. Mi suki kafe!

Salom, mama. Cay, fe lutuf! Xukra, mama! Mi suki cay!

Papa: Salom, bete! Kam yu glu sui?
Bete: Xanti, papa. No, mi no suki sui. Mi suki na glu jus.
Papa: Kam yu yam roti?
Bete: Si, mi suki na yam roti.

Omar: Xanti, sodar! Kam yu ore musika?
Marta: Salom, sodar. No, mi no ore musika, mi oko filme. Kam yu doxo kitabu?
Omar: No, mi no doxo kitabu. Mi ore musika.

Doste: Kam yu aham lala?
Doste: Si, mi aham lala. Uma fley.

Mama: Kam yu lubi mi?
Papa: Si, mi lubi yu.

Lesson Activity

Create your own dialogues using the example sentences in this and previous lessons.