Lesson 16

New words in this lesson:

  • eger - if
  • ger - would
  • blue - blue
  • bruno - brown
  • jalo - yellow
  • hwese - gray
  • kijawi - green
  • orange - orange
  • purpuro - purple
  • roso - red
  • sefide - white
  • syahe - black
  • mobil - car
  • bus - bus
  • navi - ship
  • tren - train
  • turi - travel (as tourist), trip
  • dawo - path, way; travel (go from place to place)
  • visita - visit
  • har with, by, by means of
  • xaher - city, town
  • -ya - (suffix) abstract nouns



The conditional mood (would) is expressed using the particle ger. The subordinate clause (if...) uses the dictionary form of the verb.

  • Mi ger turi in Turki eger mi pala Turkisa.
    I would travel in/to Turkey if I spoke Turkish.


The suffix -ya is used to turn adjectives, nouns and prepositions into a variety of different abstract nouns. Click here for a full description.

Example Sentences

  • Kam yu ger kari purpuro mobil?
    Would you buy a purple car?

  • Mi xa dawo cel Franse har tren. I will travel to France by train.

Reading Practice

Mi wole na turi in Nipon. Mi xa dawo cel denloka har dayo, sefide navi. Mi xa visita multi meli xaher. Mi no pala Niponsa. Mi haja na xwexi Niponsa cel na abil na pala ton moyte.

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the examples above, and examples from previous lessons, as sentence patterns. Tell a story.