Lesson 18

New words in this lesson:

  • ban - some, certain
    • bante - somebody
    • banto - something
    • bankwanti - some (quantity of)
    • bannumer - several, a few, some
  • mara - time (occasion)
    • (fe) ban mara - once (on a certain occasion), once upon a time
    • (fe) dumara - sometimes, at times, on occasion
  • mesage - message
  • posta - mail
    • eposta (short for eletroni posta) - email
  • adres - address
  • eskri - write
  • gibe - give
  • tas - to, for (indirect object marker)
  • irsal - send
  • maydo - sell
  • jixi - know (information)
  • kone - know (be acquainted/familiar with)
  • fikir - think, thought
  • ki - (conj) that
  • -wol - (suffix) wanting


Indirect Object

The indirect object is marked with the preposition tas (to, for). It is always obligatory, meaning that it should never be omitted. The indirect object may come right after the direct object or between the verb and the direct object.

  • Am gibe tas mi kamisa.
    Give me the shirt.

  • Am gibe kursi tas mi.
    Give the chair to me.


The word ki is a conjunction meaning that, not to be confused with the determiner den (that, as opposed to this). It always introduces a clause (a sentence within a sentence).

  • Mi fikir ki yusu eposta daymo lungo.
    I think (that) your email is very long.

In the sentence above, your email is very long is a clause, or a complete sentence within the larger sentence. Notice that in English the word that is optional. In Globasa, ki is obligatory, never optional.


The suffix -wol (wole - want) is used to turn a noun/verb into an adjective/adverb denoting wanting.

Fill in the blanks below:

hungry (meal-wanting):

thirsty (water-wanting):

sleepy (sleep-wanting):

Expressions of Time

The word fe (at) is optional in expressions of time, such as (fe) ban mara or (fe) dumara. In the word dumara, du- is a prefix used in an unusual way. In a subsequent lesson, you will learn how to use it with other words.

Example Sentences

  • Nini le gibe sesu roti cel yamwol manixu.
    The child gave their bread to the hungry man.

  • Mi fikir ki misu myaw somnowol.
    I think (that) my cat is sleepy.

Reading Practice

Mi ogar in Usa ji misu bete ogar in Espani. Mi irsal mesage tas te dumara. Te eskri tas mi lungo eposta. Te loga ki Espani is daymo meli. "Kam yu wole na turi hinloka?" te loga. Mi fikir ki mi xa dawo cel Espani cel na visita misu bete.

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the examples above, and examples from previous lessons, as sentence patterns. Tell a story.