About Globasa

Globasa is the product of an elaborate thought experiment. It envisions the linguistic outcome of a hypothetical scenario whereby 1,000 people from around the world are randomly selected to permanently inhabit an island. What would the community's language look like within three generations? This is Globasa's guiding vision.

Globasa's design is primarily the work of a linguist, translator and expert in adult language acquisition and teaching. It has been created with the average world citizen in mind to be as easy as possible to learn and to use without sacrificing clarity and degree of expressiveness. Its design, reminiscent of the world's creole languages, is the result of the following guiding principles:

  • Optimal simplicity with the goal of maximum learnability and ease of use for both speaker and listener
  • Optimal balance between opposing linguistic parameters
  • Internationality

Learn Globasa

The best way to learn Globasa is to start with Lesson 1 of Globasa Lessons for Beginners.

If you prefer, you may dive into Globasa's complete grammar here.