Lesson 1

Review Alphabet and Pronunciation before starting the following lessons.

Word List

  • salom - hi, hello
  • weda - (good)bye
  • xanti - peace (hello, bye)
  • bwaw - dog(s)
  • myaw - cat(s)
  • piu - bird(s)
  • uma - horse(s)
  • mahi - fish(es)
  • doste - friend(s)
  • nini - boy(s)/girl(s), kid(s)
  • sodar - brother(s)/sister(s), sibling(s)
  • matre - mother(s)
  • mama - mom(s)
  • patre - father(s)
  • papa - dad(s)

Quizlet Flash Cards



In Globasa, only a handful of words, such as matre and patre, indicate gender. Otherwise, words denoting people are gender-neutral. In a subsequent lesson, you will learn how to distinguish between males and females using gender adjectives as prefixes.

No Plural Nouns

Globasa does not distinguish between singular and plural nouns. In a subsequent lesson, you will learn how to indicate singularity or plurality when necessary.

  • doste - friend or friends


The word xanti means peace, but it can also be used to say hello or bye.

Example Sentences

Salom, doste!
Hello, friend(s)!

Weda, uma!
Bye, horse(s)!

Reading and Listening Practice

Salom, bwaw! Weda, papa! Xanti, uma! Weda, sodar! Xanti, doste! Salom, nini! Weda, matre! Salom, mahi! Xanti, piu! Weda, myaw!

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the examples above as sentence patterns and the reading practice as a model.