Lesson 20

Word List

  • kos - due to, because of, for
    • koski - because
  • seba - reason
    • keseba - why, for what reason
  • denmo... kom... - as... as...
  • buka - open
  • klosi - close
  • ewreka - find, discover
  • xoru - start, beginning; start, begin
  • fini - end; finish, end
  • swal - question; ask
  • jawabu - answer
  • baytu - house
  • dwer - door
  • janela - window
  • satu - hour, time
  • alo - other, different
  • sama - same

Quizlet Flash Cards


denmo... kom...

Nouns with equal features are compared using denmo... kom....

Hin filme sen denmo lungo kom den filme.
This movie is as long as that movie.

sama and alo

The words sama (same) and alo (different/other) are similar to ke, hin, den, ban, moy and nil in that they are typically attach (e)te/(o)to. This means that sama and alo function as both adjectives and determiners.

  • samate - the same person
    samato - the same thing

  • alote - somebody else (a different person)
    aloto - something else (a different thing)

With all other adjectives, (e)te/(o)to stand as separate words:

bon te, bur te ji colo te
the good (one), the bad (one) and the ugly (one)

Telling time

To tell time, Globasa uses the word satu (hour) rather than watu (time) along with cardinal numbers.

To sen ke satu?
What time is it?

To sen satu sabe fe soba.
It is (hour) seven in the morning.

(satu) oco, duades lima

Example Sentences

Yu le klosi janela keseba?
Why did you close the window?

Mi le klosi janela koski hay bardi fe exya.
I closed the window because it's cold outside.

Reading and Listening Practice

Medisyen ogar in day baytu. Te hare bannumer hewan: dua bwaw, tiga myaw, ji un piu. Un bwaw somno multi. Alo bwaw yuxi multi ton moy myaw. Un myaw sen daymo humorpul. Te abil na buka ji klosi dwer. Piu sen doste de den myaw. Nil myaw vole na yam piu. Ban din, myaw le buka dwer ji piu le fley cel ex baytu. Bwaw ji medisyen le ewreka te in parke, ji nundin, piu sen in baytu ji moyte sen hox.

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the examples above, and examples from previous lessons, as sentence patterns. Tell a story.