Lesson 9

Word List

  • -su - possessive suffix applied to pronouns
  • se - reflexive pronoun
  • max - more (followed by a noun/verb)
    • maxmo - more (followed by an adj/adv)
  • min - less/fewer (followed by a noun/verb)
    • minmo - less (followed by an adj/adv)
  • kom - than
  • bur - bad
  • lil - little, small
  • colo - ugly
  • hanman - slow
  • lama - old (opposite of new)
  • lao - old (opposite of young)
  • hazuni - sad
  • kotor - dirty
  • kurto - short/brief (opposite of long)
  • cote - short/low (opposite of tall/high)
  • gami - spouse (husband/wife)

Quizlet Flash Cards



Comparison of number, amount or degree of noun/verb words is expressed as follows:

  • max... kom... - more... than...
  • min... kom... - less/fewer... than...

Polisiyen hare max bete kom musikayen.
The police officer has more children than the musician.

Alimyen yam min roti kom medisyen.
The teacher eats less bread than the physician.

If max or min modify the verb, they may appear either before or after the verb.

Misu gami max doxo kom mi. or Misu gami doxo max kom mi.
My spouse reads more than I.

Comparative adjective/adverbs are expressed as follows.

  • maxmo... kom... - more... than...
  • minmo... kom... - less... than...

maxmo meli kom...
more beautiful than...

minmo kotor kom...
less dirty than...

Reflexive Pronoun se

The reflexive pronoun se is used as follows:

Manixu banyo se.
The man is bathing himself. or The man is taking a bath.

In Globasa, se may be used reflexively with any pronoun.

Kam yu lubi se. or Kam yu lubi yu?
Do you love yourself?

Possessive Adjectives

Globasa turns pronouns into possessive adjectives by adding the suffix -su.

  • misu - my
  • yusu - your
  • tesu - her/his
  • tosu - its
  • sesu - her/his/its/their own
  • imisu - our
  • uyusu - your
  • etesu - their
  • otosu - their

Example Sentences

Bwaw min somno kom myaw.
The dog sleeps less than the cat.

Hin drevo sen maxmo lao kom den drevo.
This tree is older than that tree.

Misu doste suyon in bahari.
My friend swims in the sea.

Reading and Listening Practice

Ogar de polisiyen sen maxmo lama kom ogar de medisyen, mas ogar de medisyen sen colo, kotor ji lil.

Polisiyen loga, "Kam yusu gami sen maxmo lao kom misu gami?"
Medisyen loga, "No, misu gami sen minmo lao. Te sen juni."

Polisiyen loga, "Kam yusu gami sen maxmo cote kom misu gami?"
Medisyen loga, "No, misu gami sen minmo cote. Te sen gao."

Polisiyen loga, "Kam yusu gami max doxo kom misu gami?"
Medisyen loga, "No, misu gami no multi doxo. Te xosu doxo. Te no suki kitabu. Te suki filme ji musika."

Polisiyen loga, "Kam yusu gami maxmo bon danse kom misu gami?"
Medisyen loga, "No, misu gami bur danse. Yusu gami bon danse."

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the examples above, and examples from previous lessons, as sentence patterns. Tell a story.