Lesson 14

Word List

  • kepul - like what, how (question word which asks to describe the object or action)
  • maxim - (the) most
  • minim - (the) least
  • of - off (of), (out) of, from
  • bimar - sick
  • seha - healthy
  • asan - easy
  • katina - difficult
  • muhim - important
  • sahi - correct
  • mal - wrong, incorrect
  • insan - human (being), people
  • fale - do, make
  • abil - can, be able to
  • musi - must, have to

Quizlet Flash Cards



The question word kepul asks the listener/reader to describe the object or action. Like all question words, it is used in the same spot where the answer to the question would be.

Example 1:

Bwaw sen kepul?
How is the dog? or What is the dog like?

Although the question above is ambiguous, the context of the conversation will typically make the question clear.

Bwaw sen hox.
The dog is happy.

Example 2:

Yu hare kepul ergo?
What is the job that you have like? or What kind of job do you have?

Notice how convoluted the question in English is. In Globasa, the question is straight-forward because it works the same way as the statement. Notice how the answer (asan) below will fit in the exact same spot as kepul.

Mi hare asan ergo.
I have an easy job.

Example 3:

Kepul uma abil na pawbu velosi?
What kind of horse can run fast?

Bala uma abil na pawbu velosi.
A strong horse can run fast.

Superlative Adjectives

Superlative adjectives are expressed using maxim (most, -est) and minim (least). Superlative adjectives occurring within noun phrases must add (e)te or (o)to if the noun is not expressed in the phrase. Prepositional phrases with of (out of, from) or in may be used for more complete sentences.

Misu maxim juni sodar sen minim gao te of famil.
My youngest sibling is the least tall (one) of the family.

Maxim pesapul ete sen maxim lao ete.
The richest (ones) are the oldest (ones).

Example Sentences

Maria sen maxim juni te of misu bete.
Maria is the youngest of my children.

Piu sen kepul?
What is the bird like? or How is the bird?

Manixu vole kepul pantalun?
What kind of pants does the man want?

Reading and Listening Practice

Mi hare multi doste. Maxim gao te of misu doste velosi pawbu. Maxim bala te sen polisiyen. Minim bala te sen bimar. Te musi na idi cel medisdom. Maxim juni ete multi suki na ore musika ji na danse. Maxim lao te no abil na danse. Te suki na oko Fransesali filme. Maxim humorpul te sen alimyen in neo eskol.

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the example above, and examples from previous lessons, as sentence patterns. Tell a story.