Lesson 13

Word List

  • labas - clothes; wear
  • kamisa - shirt
  • pantalun - pants
  • fustan - dress
  • eskirti - skirt
  • sapatu - shoe
  • dukan - store, shop
  • haja - need
  • pul - full; -ful/-ous
  • termo - heat
    • termopul - warm, hot
  • bardi - cold (noun)
    • bardipul - cold (adjective)
  • xohra - fame
    • xohrapul - famous
  • humor - humor
    • humorpul - funny, humorous
  • cinon - intelligence
    • cinonpul - intelligent, smart

Quizlet Flash Cards



Fill in the blanks below:

11: des un

12: 13: 14:

20: duades

30: 40:
60: 70: 80: 90:

Compound words with pul

The word pul is used as quasi-suffix to derive adjectives from nouns. In compounds, it is a general descriptive suffix roughly equivalent to the suffixes -ful ("full of") and -ous ("having") in English. Strictly speaking, it means with enough or more than enough.

Fill in the blanks below:

grateful, thankful:
costly, expensive: rich: peaceful:

Compound Words with dukan

The word dukan is often used in compounds to derive words for the different types of stores.

Fill in the blanks below:

shoe store: bookstore:

Example Sentences

Femixu labas meli fustan.
The woman wears a beautiful dress.

Mi vole na kari kamisa.
I want to buy a shirt.

Den sapatu sen kimapul.
Those shoes are expensive.

Lalayen sen xohrapul.
The singer is famous.

Reading and Listening Practice

Xohrapul lalayen labas meli kamisa mas colo pantalun. Tesu sapatu sen lil. Te haja na kari neo labas. Te xa idi cel dukan. Te xa kari kimapul pantalun ji maxmo day sapatu. Te hare multi pesa ji te xa kari max kamisa.

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the example above, and examples from previous lessons, as sentence patterns. Tell a story.