Lesson 17

Word List

  • hay - there is/are
  • barix - rain
  • taluji - snow
  • intre - between, among
  • fol - along, according to
  • wey - around
  • supra - above, over
  • infra - below
  • tras - across
  • ner - nearby
    • ner fe - near, close to
  • teli - far, remote
    • teli fe - far from
  • daymo - greatly, very
  • lilmo - a little bit (adverb of degree)

Quizlet Flash Cards



The word hay expresses there is/are, but is also used in reference to the environment where English uses it's.

To barix. or Hay barix.
It's raining. (There's rain.)

To taluji. or Hay taluji.
It's snowing. (There's snow.)

To sen termopul. or Hay termo.
It's warm. (There's heat/warmth.)

To sen bardipul. or Hay bardi.
It's cold. (There's cold.)

Compound Words with Adjectives as Quasi-prefixes

Many adjectives may be used as quasi-prefixes to form compounds. Words with adjective quasi-prefixes take on a more specific meaning than a noun modified with the given adjective would have.

For example, the adjective day (big, large) can be used as an augmentative quasi-prefix and is used for deriving words that denote an increase in size, age, degree, quantity or loudness as compared with the root.

Fill in the blanks below:

awesome, great, excellent:

huge: tiny: yell: grandmother:

Likewise, the word lil (little, small) can be used to derive words that denote a reduction in size, degree, quantity or loudness as compared with the root.

Fill in the blanks below:

drizzle: grandchild:

Adverbs of Degree

The word daymo is an adverb of degree meaning greatly or very.

  • daymo hazuni - very sad

The word lilmo, the opposite of daymo, is an adverb of degree meaning a little and is used to modify adjectives or other adverbs.

  • lilmo hazuni - a little sad

In previous lessons we have seen other words that add -mo. As we can see, adj/adv words (max, min, kufi, day, lil) that modify other adj/adv words must add -mo: maxmo, minmo, kufimo, daymo, lilmo.

Example Sentences

Hay termo fe exya.
It's warm outside.

Hay multi drevo fol nahir.
There are many trees along the river.

Reading and Listening Practice

Misu xaher sen daymo kijawi. Hay multi drevo per jabal. Hay multi barix mas xosu taluji. Ner fe gao jabal hay nahir. Multi insan suyon in den bardipul nahir. Mi no abil na bon suyon. Mi suki na pawbu per jabal eger no hay barix.

Lesson Activity

Create your own sentences using the examples above, and examples from previous lessons, as sentence patterns. Tell a story.